Proof Of Reincarnation? 5 Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

Edward: When Edward was a boy he would constantly complain that his throat hurt, he would always say his shot was hurting. His mother kept taking Edward to the hospital to figure out why her son kept complaining about his…

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The Worlds Most Haunted Forests

The Island Of The Dolls Mexico The trees of this island near Mexico City are strung with thousands of dolls. The islands only resident discovered the body of a little girl in one of its canals more than 50 years…

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Hikers Walk Across Crystal Clear Frozen Lake In Slovakia

What a great journey this must have been for these brave young hikers that walked across a crystal clear frozen lake in Slovakia.

Top Secret Military Aircraft Attacks Taliban Camp?

Is this a UFO? Are extraterrestrials helping the United States In it’s war against the Taliban. Or did the United States military get caught testing its top secret aircraft?

Fresno Alien Aka The Nightcrawler

The Fresno alien, aka “the nightcrawler” footage was taken in Fresno California. The family that captured this remarkable footage was always hearing there dogs bark at night. So they decided to put a security camera on there garage over looking the…

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Real Angel Footage Captured In Indonesia?

Did we finally capture a video of a real angel in Indonesia? These day’s there are plenty of videos and pictures of ghosts, bigfoot, demons etc.. But not of angels. And that is why I love this footage so much.

Who Is The Slender Man? Is He Real Or Is He Fake

A lot of people wonder if the slender man is actually real. But before we get into that let me explain who the slender man is. The slender man is an extremely evil entity hell-bent on destroying its prey, at any cost.

The Hampton Court Ghost Footage

The Hampton Court ghost footage is known throughout the world as the best proof of ghost we have on this planet. There are a ton of great ghost pictures and video’s out there, but the ghost of Hampton Court takes the cake.

New Black Eyed Kids Sightings In The London Underground

The black eyed kids are back in the news, this time in the old creepy London underground. For those that don’t know who or what the black eyed kids are you are in for a creepy paranormal story!

Mass Possession Recorded In The Philippines

There has been another incident of mass possession, This time in the Philippines. 12 students have been infected by demons and demonic possession.

Ghost Makes Contact? The Pantry Door Ghost Footage

The epic pantry door ghost footage. This is an old one, but a great one.

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WOW! First Ever Footage Of Amazing Scary Looking Deep Sea Angler Fish

I love this kind of news! Scientists have captured and got actual footage of a deep-sea angler fish right off the coast of Monterrey for the first time ever!