Shocking Bigfoot Sightings In England

Now there are thousands of Bigfoot believers throughout the world and even some skeptics believe that it could be possible that an unknown bi pedal ape like creature could exist in Europe, Asia and even the Americas

Giant Human Bone Of Johannesburg South Africa

 After I released my last video about the elongated skulls I got a message from L.A. Marzulli letting me know that he was the one responsible for this discovery as it was his team that did the work and…

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They Were Not Native Americans

About a year ago I posted a video about alleged giant skeletons found in Ecuador. And according to many articles a man named Brien Forester and his team were going to do some D.N.A test on them.

Giant Footprint Found In China?

I love the ancient giant mystery and I know that most of you do to. So whenever I find something about ancient giants I always try cover it right away.

Is This A Picture Of The Loch Ness Monster?

After I released my last video about the kelpie and a rare or what I thought was a rare sighting of a Loch Ness monster like creature on land some of my subscribers told me about another encounter that happened…

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The Legend Of The Kelpie

In Scotland there are legends about deadly and terrifying beast known as the Kelpie. These creatures, who can transform themselves into various forms, were greatly feared centuries ago.

Dark Watchers

 I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope everybody is doing great. I am very busy this month but I will start uploading again very frequently in January.

When Hairy Dwarf Aliens Attack

In my weirdest alien encounters of all time series I covered an alien sighting that quickly became one of my most favorites because it’s just so strange.

Strange Sightings Of Flying Boats In Ancient Ireland

Before I start this video I would like to apologize for the re uploads that I have been doing lately. The good news is I don’t have that many more left and I will slowly upload those over the next couple of months. And YouTube is trying to fix this so hopefully this madness will be all over soon.

Just Another AMAZING 19th Century Bigfoot Sighting

Way before Bigfoot was even famous throughout America there were many well documented encounters with half ape half human like creatures.

Are There Giant Spiders Living In The Congo?

In the remote jungles of Africa mainly in the Congo region there are legends about huge spiders that can trap and eat human beings.

Worlds Creepiest Mothman Sightings

The most famous account of the mothman happened in point pleasant in West Virginia in 1966 and in 1967. And since this case is very well known I don’t wont to talk to much about it but I do want to cover the first encounters during this time period that made the mothman famous.