Pilots Come Face To Face With An Egg Shaped UFO

Today I want to talk about the very bizarre UFO sightings known by many as the flying eggs. In 2010 during a training flight in Minnesota 2 pilots were very surprised when they realized that there was another aircraft on…

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The Dragon That Terrorized France

After my NASA gargoyle video I told you guys that I was going to do some research and see If I could find out why there are so many gargoyles on top of buildings in Europe, mainly in France.

Kesha’s New Album Rainbow Inspired By UFO Sighting

Before I start this video I want to apologize for the slow upload times lately. Do to the adpocalypse or rather YouTube’s new policy regarding monetization I have to spend most of my time working on my other online projects.

The Mysterious Stones Of Birmingham

I just recently made a video about a family in Zimbabwe who claimed that their family was assaulted by rocks that seemed to just magically appear inside of their own home.

Gargoyle Spotted By NASA Employee?

When I was making my video about the recent mothman sightings in Chicago I stumbled upon another amazing story coming from a former NASA Employee.

Mysterious Rocks Falling From The Sky?

In May a family in Zimbabwe walked outside one morning and saw a bunch of clothes in bags spread out all over their yard.

Is A Female Ghost Haunting A Village In Thailand?

Its been awhile since I covered a good ghost story and right now in Thailand something very strange is going on as villagers claim that a female ghost has been haunting them for the past couple of months.

Is This A Picture Of The Chicago Mothman?

After I released my last video I got tons of links and request about other mothman sightings in Chicago.

Recent Mothman Sightings In Chicago?

One of the most famous cryptids throughout the United States is the mothman. And I have stumbled upon a lot of encounters with these creatures going back for centuries.

Was Homo Floresiensis Caught On Camera?

I have been getting so many request to cover this recent viral footage of what is believed to be a member of the lost Mante tribe in Indonesia.

The Faces In The Floor | The Belmez Faces

In 1971 a women, Maria Gomez noticed a stain on her kitchen floor. At first she didn’t think to much of it but as time went by this stain started to form into a face.

Creepy Sightings Of Skinwalkers Part 2

I would like to apologize for the long wait on this video. Sometimes I will make a part one of a series but never make a part 2.