Just Another AMAZING 19th Century Bigfoot Sighting

Way before Bigfoot was even famous throughout America there were many well documented encounters with half ape half human like creatures.

Are There Giant Spiders Living In The Congo?

In the remote jungles of Africa mainly in the Congo region there are legends about huge spiders that can trap and eat human beings.

Worlds Creepiest Mothman Sightings

The most famous account of the mothman happened in point pleasant in West Virginia in 1966 and in 1967. And since this case is very well known I don’t wont to talk to much about it but I do want…

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Are Vampires Attacking People In Malawi Africa?

There are just so many great paranormal cases that come out of Africa. While I was researching looking for good paranormal stories like I do I stumbled upon another very interesting case that is occurring right now.

The Mountain That Swallows People

A while back I made a video about mermaids attacking people in Zimbabwe. And I knew at the time that there was a lot more than mermaids being talked about around this area.

The Flying Monsters Of England

Yesterday I did my first paranormal junkie face reveal on my patreon page and it had a big watermark throughout the whole video that I did not see at the time.

Pilots Come Face To Face With An Egg Shaped UFO

Today I want to talk about the very bizarre UFO sightings known by many as the flying eggs. In 2010 during a training flight in Minnesota 2 pilots were very surprised when they realized that there was another aircraft on their local frequency.

The Dragon That Terrorized France

After my NASA gargoyle video I told you guys that I was going to do some research and see If I could find out why there are so many gargoyles on top of buildings in Europe, mainly in France.

Kesha’s New Album Rainbow Inspired By UFO Sighting

Before I start this video I want to apologize for the slow upload times lately. Do to the adpocalypse or rather YouTube’s new policy regarding monetization I have to spend most of my time working on my other online projects.

The Mysterious Stones Of Birmingham

I just recently made a video about a family in Zimbabwe who claimed that their family was assaulted by rocks that seemed to just magically appear inside of their own home.

Gargoyle Spotted By NASA Employee?

When I was making my video about the recent mothman sightings in Chicago I stumbled upon another amazing story coming from a former NASA Employee.

Mysterious Rocks Falling From The Sky?

In May a family in Zimbabwe walked outside one morning and saw a bunch of clothes in bags spread out all over their yard.