Strange Sightings Of Bigfoot Swimming

When I released my last Bigfoot video, Bigfoot in Alaska I went over a couple of stories about Bigfoot swimming. And that really supersized me as most apes especially the larger ones don’t like to get in the water.

Did UFO’s Cause The Canneto di Caronia Fires?

In 2004 something very strange started to happen in a small town in northern Sicily. One day things just started to catch on fire and there seemed to be no rational explanation for this.

The Terror Of London “Spring Heeled Jack”

A little while ago I released a video “The Black Flash Of Cape Cod” And after I released that video I got tons of messages saying that the Black Flash sounded exactly like Spring Heeled Jack.

Bigfoot Sightings In Alaska

Alaska is one of the most remote places on earth, it’s a perfect place for a large unknown creature to hide from the modern world. And there have been so many sightings going back for centuries within this region making…

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Shapeshifter Caught In Africa?

While I was working on skinwalkers part 2 I stumbled upon a crazy sighting coming out of Africa and I wanted to cover it real fast.

The Tribe With 6 Fingers

Since we are still fresh on the subject of giants I wanted to cover this next story. There is an article by soul that talks about giants and a mysterious tribe that possess 6 fingers.

Did Giants Once Live On Catalina Island?

Its been a little while since I covered a good story about giants. And we all know how much this channel loves the ancient and modern-day giant mystery.

Are Mermaids Attacking People In Zimbabwe?

I am always getting request to cover mermaids and I always reply that if I ever find an interesting story about them I will cover it. And to my surprise I just recently found one.

The Strangest Story Ever Told?

In Alaska there is a Bay known as Thomas Bay and all though this Bay is very remote it has seen a lot of tragedy and it is also called the bay of death. In 1750 a native village was hit by a massive landslide and more than 500 people died.

The B-17 Phantom Ghost Plane Of World War 2

Some of the more stranger stories that I have ever heard of seems to come during war-time. On November 23rd 1944 a British Royal Air Force antiaircraft unit that was stationed near Belgium was very surprised when they saw a rather large plane descending down towards them from the sky.

Creepy Encounters With The Devil Monkeys

It’s been awhile since I covered a good monster sighting and I would like to thank my subscribers for bringing this cryptid back to my attention.

The Min Min Lights Of Australia

The Min Min lights of Australia is one of my most requested videos. And it is a very interesting mystery. One of the first famous sightings coming from white settlers happened in 1918 when a stock man noticed some very strange lights in the distance.