Creepy Sightings Of The Black Eyed Kids Part 1

One of the first popular cases of the black eyed kids happened to a man named Brain Bethel in 1996. While Brian was sitting in his car going through his paper work he heard a knock on his car window.

Real Or Hoax? The South Shields Poltergeist Case

I have been saving this haunting for a special time, and since its almost Halloween I figured that this was the perfect time to cover it. Some believe that this haunting is nothing more than a hoax but many believe that…

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Creepy Hellhound Sightings At The Battle Of Mons

In one of my previous videos “When Monsters Attack” we talked about an encounter involving a hellhound that happened in England in 1577. And this legend stats that there was a terrible electric storm pounding the English countryside.

Strange Sightings Of The Pigman

There are so many strange sightings of unknown animals or monsters each and every year. And every now and then I will come across some sightings and encounters that are just so bizarre that it makes me wish that I…

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Does Mokele Mbembe Exist? The Elusive Dinosaur Of Africa

In Africa, in the Congo region there have been reports coming in for about 200 years from western explorers suggesting that there might just be a dinosaur or a huge unknown animal that lives here.

What Happened to Steve Fossett? Was The Nevada Triangle To Blame?

We have another triangle to cover today! I really can’t believe how many mysterious triangles we have on this earth. One day I would really like to cover a mysterious circle, or a square or maybe even a triangle that does…

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The Clowns Are Coming “Another Update About The Phantom Clown Epidemic”

October Is finally here, I have been very much looking forward to the colder weather. I don’t understand why people look forward to the summer unless you’re a kid on summer vacation or maybe the east cost.

Are Giants Really Sleeping In Stasis Chambers Throughout the World?

Today I felt like covering some more awesome giant mysteries cause you all know how much I love covering this subject. A couple of weeks back my good buddy Terry informed me on my Facebook page about another very interesting story.

The Vanishing Children

In 1938 a 4 year old boy named a Alfred was camping with his family in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. And as the boy was walking with his family he disappeared.

Mysterious Vanishings Of The Bennington Triangle

I would like to thank Scott for letting me know about this very mysterious location now known as the Bennington triangle. And I would also like to thank all my awesome subscribers for constantly giving me great ideas and awesome paranormal stories to look into it.

Who Was The Mad Gasser Of Mattoon Illinois?

One of the weirdest unsolved cases in American history happened in 1944 in the town of Mattoon, Illinois. It all started one evening when a man woke up from a deep sleep feeling very ill.

Have The Phantom Clowns Returned?

I have a quick update for you guys. A couple of weeks ago I released a video about the 1981 phantom clowns mystery that happened in Boston.