The Big Grey Man Of Ben Macdui

 On Britons 2nd largest mountain in Scotland there have been some very strange and creepy sightings of a Bigfoot like creature going back for centuries. And the locals call it the Big Grey Man.

Creepy Encounters With The Grinning Man

Over the past 60 years there have been some very creepy encounters with a strange humanoid like creature that seem to be related to UFO and alien encounters.

Creepy Sightings Of Giant Spiders

In one of my previous videos we talked about the giant spiders of the Congo. And after I released that video I wanted to do some more research to see if I can find any more sightings of giant spiders…

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The Stefan Michalak UFO Encounter

I always try to stay on top of any recent alien or UFO sighting news. And I just stumbled upon an article that I find very interesting. In Canada the Royal Canadian Mint has just created a pretty awesome looking…

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Mysterious Vanishings At China’s Cursed Lake

In China there is a lake that is responsible for some very strange and terrifying disappearances and just out of this world paranormal mysteries. This lake is known by the locals as the waters of death or the place of…

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The Ghost Plane Phenomena Of Derbyshire County

Something very strange is going on in Derbyshire County in the United Kingdom. For the past couple of weeks residents here have been reporting to the authorities that they have seen a large mysterious ghost plane or ghost planes flying…

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Is There A Secret Underground City In Mount Shasta?

There are many paranormal stories coming from Mount Shasta. And I have covered some of these before but one of the most famous and intriguing cases happened in the early years of the 20th century. And it involves gold, giants, and an ancient underground city.

The Lost City Of Missouri

I love when my awesome subscribers tell me about awesome mysteries like this. All though I have heard about this one before but I would like to thank Naz for bringing this one back to my attention.

Woman Sues California Over Bigfoot Sighting

A couple of days ago I came across just the oddest story. A woman named Claudia who is 46 claimed that she and her two daughters saw a Bigfoot. And basically the department of fish and wildlife didn’t believe her.

Shocking Bigfoot Sightings In England

Now there are thousands of Bigfoot believers throughout the world and even some skeptics believe that it could be possible that an unknown bi pedal ape like creature could exist in Europe, Asia and even the Americas

Giant Human Bone Of Johannesburg South Africa

 After I released my last video about the elongated skulls I got a message from L.A. Marzulli letting me know that he was the one responsible for this discovery as it was his team that did the work and he actually funded the whole thing.

They Were Not Native Americans

About a year ago I posted a video about alleged giant skeletons found in Ecuador. And according to many articles a man named Brien Forester and his team were going to do some D.N.A test on them.