The Legend Of The Gigantic Worm That Terrified Scotland

In Linton, Scotland there is a legend of a huge man-eating worm that once wreaked havoc on a local population in the 12th century.

The Eilean Mor lighthouse Mystery

I would like to thank J.T for bringing this next mystery to my attention. Now many researchers believe that this case has been solved but it’s just a theory and we will talk about that later on in this video.

Did The Owners Of A Texas Cafe Capture Footage Of A Ghost?

I love coming across a good ghost story especially when there might be some actual evidence to back up the claims.

Is This Footage Of The Biggest Wolf Ever? Or Is It Something Else?

Over the past couple of days I have been getting tons messages from my subscribers asking me to cover this video of what appears to be some sort of huge mysterious black creature attacking a dog.

Was It A Ghost? Or Something Else?

Lately I have been talking a lot about all the British Bigfoot sightings. And in some of these cases there is a paranormal aspect to them.

Bigfoot Sightings In Britain Part 2

I have been very fascinated with the Bigfoot phenomena that has been going on in Britain. And I am very surprised at how many sightings there are.

Archaeologist Claims To Have Found Evidence Of An Ancient Advanced Civilization On Antarctica

I just stumbled upon a very interesting article from the epoch times that talks about an ancient civilization that once lived on Antarctica. There is an archeologist William James Veall who designs unmanned aerial vehicles for surveying inaccessible areas.

Stop Spying On Us You Pesky Aliens!

In my last video I talked a little bit about the black knight satellite and after I released that video I got a lot of request to make a more detailed video about it.

Strange Creatures The Vegetable Man

Today I want to cover one of the most strangest alien encounters. I did cover this briefly in a past video but I wanted to cover it again for all my subscribers and viewers that have never heard about this out of this world encounter.

The Strange Tale Of The Gurning Man

After I released the video about the Grinning Man I got a couple of messages telling me about another strange case that occurred in Glasgow, in Scotland in the 1970’s.

What Is Causing These Mysterious Sounds?

In my last video we talked about how many UFO sightings there have been recently. And it isn’t just UFO sightings there has also been a lot of mysterious boom sounds being heard throughout the United States as well.

Flying Humanoid Spotted Over Brazil?

Over the past couple of months I have been seeing a lot of UFO reports on paranormal websites, way more than I usually see. And I always find UFO sightings to be interesting but most of the time I don’t really feel the need to cover them.