The Mysterious Metallic Objects In Siberia

In a very remote valley in northern Siberia people throughout this region have been saying for centuries that this location possess some very odd and rather large metallic structures.

The Very Disturbing Bigfoot Encounter Of 1855

I thought it was about time to cover some more Bigfoot sightings. I love the Bigfoot mystery, it is by far the most popular cryptid on this earth.

Did God Help Israel During The Six Day War?

Not that long ago I covered the angel sightings at the Battle Of Mons and that reminded me about this next case. I heard about this a long time ago on maybe unsolved mysteries or one of those type of…

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Creepy Sightings Of The Black Eyed Kids Part 2

In September of 2015 a show called darkness radio was talking about the black eyed children. And a man called in and he told them about a very creepy encounter that he or somebody that he knew had with these…

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The Creepy UB-65 Haunted Submarine Of World War 1

In 1916 during World War 1 the Germans just finished making another U-boat. And this U-boat, the UB-65 was already believed to be cursed before it was even in the water.

The Demon Cat Of London And The Green Children Of Woolpit

In 1943 London, England was getting bombarded by German bombs. And night after night these terrified people would spend most of their time underground. But a few brave men, mostly volunteers would stay up top to make sure their fellow…

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The Mysterious Valley Of The Seven Dead Men

I would like to thank you guys, my awesome subscribers for always informing me about these awesome mysteries. According to the book “The Lost Cities of China, Central Asia and India” and a few other websites

The Mystery Of Mel Waters And The Devils Hole

When I was younger I use to always listen to the cost to coast AM radio show with Art Bell. And one of the more interesting cases or mysteries that I have ever heard on this show happened in 1997 when a man named Mel Waters told Art about a very mysterious hole

The Abduction Of Alan Godfrey

In 1980 during November and December the east coast of Britain was experiencing a massive wave of UFO sightings. As hundreds of citizens were seeing something unknown flying in the skies above.

Angel Sightings At The Battle Of Mons

In one of my previous videos we talked about hell hound sightings at the Battle Of Mons. Now for those that haven’t seen that video one of the biggest and bloodiest battles during World War 1 was known as the Battle Of Mons.

The Moving Coffins Of Barbados

On the island of Barbados there is a very interesting and pretty creepy mystery involving a very famous tomb known as the Chase vault.

Weirdest Alien Encounters Of All Time Part 5

In 2010 a man named Roy Shaw was walking his dog in Devon, England. And while he and his dog were walking through the quit streets of his neighborhood Roy noticed a very odd object in the sky.